The Best Way to Travel Japan

By | May 2, 2019

Whenever I travel, I really want to immerse myself in the culture of a country and see as much of the country as I can. Japan, having a really exotic and colorful culture, is no exception in anyone’s bucket list. Executing your plans can be a bit difficult especially if you’ve got limited time and a budget to follow. So, here’s my idea on how best to travel around Japan.

  • Make a feasible itinerary

I say ‘feasible’ because some people just say, ‘Let’s go here! Then we can go there on the next day! But, I also wanna visit this place!” without actually looking if what their planning is possible.

The best way would be to read about the sites in Japan – checkout travel websites and blogs about Japan. There you would be able to list down the places you do want to see and visit. After you’ve listed them down, grab a map of Japan and start plotting – know where you’ll start and end.

If you only have two weeks at the most to stay in Japan, here’s a sample itinerary:

è Enter Japan through Osaka. Spend 3 days in Osaka

è Travel by bullet-train to Kyoto from Osaka. Spend 4 Days in Kyoto.

è Travel by bullet-train to Nagoya from Kyoto. Spend 3 days in Nagoya.

è Travel by bullet-train to Tokyo from Nagoya. Spend 4 days in Tokyo. Exit Japan through Tokyo.

  • Bring a lot of cash

I’m not saying that you’ll spend a lot in Japan. It’s just that many places in Japan take only cash instead of credit card. So, bring some extra.

Food and accommodations in Japan could be a bit pricey. But, if you want to experience Japan, you’ll really spend to stay at a ryokan (traditional inn) instead of opting for their budget friendly hostels – which are quite good, too. Eat at traditional restaurants and experience the street food. That’s the best way to eat through Japan.

  • Pack light

Since you are going to be traveling a lot, travel light. Many hotels and transportation services there don’t have a lot of room for luggage. So, pack a few easy to wash and wear clothes and all the essentials.

  • Learn some basic Japanese words and manners

Although the Japanese will go out of their way to try to understand you and help you, it wouldn’t hurt to know some words in their language. That’s the best way to break the ice and help out the Japanese native trying to help you. Also, the Japanese are very polite. We wouldn’t want to embarrass our own country by being outright rude. So, it’d be best to learn some basic Japanese manners.

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